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Retail Store

Provide the convenience of transacting through nearby retail stores

Aside from selling convenient goods, retail stores in Indonesia can also act as payment processors. These stores are located in many places within each city regardless of the population density. Customers can complete transactions through payment codes shared with the cashier, making it ideal for processing cash payments.

Available retail stores: Alfamart, Indomaret

Why Your Business Should Activate Retail Store Payments

  1. Ideal for accepting cash payments and connecting them with digital payment ecosystem
  2. Convenience stores are easy to find regardless of customers’ region
  3. Get notification automatically once customer payment is successful

Why Use Durianpay For Activating Retail Store Payments

  1. Hassle-free integration to accept payments from major convenience stores in Indonesia
  2. Reconciliation and transaction monitoring made easy with Durianpay dashboard

Retail Stores Payment Flow

  1. Merchant generates payment code for customers by calling Payment Charge API
  2. Customers visit the specified retail store to present payment code
  3. Cashier processes the payment code
  4. Merchant will receive payment notification once payment is completed by the customer