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Accept payments conveniently using top 5 e-wallets in Indonesia

As the name suggests, an e-wallet works just like a wallet for completing transactions electronically with merchants. There is a significant rise in e-wallet usage in Indonesia for the past few years, especially during the pandemic when contactless payment is preferred and online shopping channels gain more traffic.


Available e-wallet: Gopay, OVO, DANA, Shopeepay, Linkaja

Why Your Business Should Activate E-wallet

  1. Acceleration of e-wallet usage in Indonesia as a digital payment method used by customers
  2. Ideal for transactions with smaller amount per order
  3. Enable promotion for your customers by leveraging the promotions created by the e-wallet provider (e.g. discounts, cashbacks, etc for your customers)

Why Use Durianpay For Activating E-wallet

  1. Start accepting payments using all the top 5 e-wallets in Indonesia only through one integration
  2. Support in tackling all the hassle and challenges of multiple partner integrations
  3. Tokenization (account binding) that enables returning customers to preview e-wallet balance on Durianpay checkout page

Remove your hassle with Durianpay now! Visit our integration docs here.

E-Wallet Payment Flow Through Durianpay

  1. Merchant creates order through Durianpay dashboard/calling Create Orders API
  2. Customer opens Durianpay checkout page/payment link
  3. Customer chooses which e-wallet to use for payment
  4. E-wallet service provider processes the payment
  5. E-wallet service provider’s system notifies Durianpay system once payment is successful
  6. Durianpay proceeds the payment status notification to merchant
  7. Merchant receives the payment upon settlement date


DisplayJump appPush notificationJump appRedirect URLJump app
Minimum Amount (IDR)100100100100100
Maximum Amount (IDR)*20,000,00020,000,00020,000,00020,000,00010,000,000
Payment Expiration Time24 Hours1 minute1 hour3 hours24 hours
Tokenization AbilityAvailable upon requestAvailable upon requestNot available
OTP RequiredDependent on the risk black box of DANA’s fraud
QRIS availability for desktop user

*Please note that there are maximum limit coming from the e-wallet provider which differentiates between KYC-ed and Non KYC-ed user

How to Activate E-wallet through Durianpay

  1. Sign up from Durianpay website and complete the following steps: Pre-sign Up Form, Verify Email Address.
  2. Login to the Durianpay Dashboard with your credentials.

    NOTE - By default, your account is in Sandbox mode.

  3. You can use Basic Account or Contact our team for Full Account to activate all e-wallets.
  4. Complete KYB process and document verification for Full Account.
  5. Easily integrate through [link to integration page]
  6. Once Live, start accepting payments through all 5 e-wallets.
  7. Monitor transactions instantly from your Durianpay dashboard.