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Enable QRIS for standardized QR Code payment in your stores

QRIS is a standardized QR Code Payment for digital payments via mobile banking or digital wallets. This is initiated by Bank Indonesia and Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI). QRIS can be utilized across platforms, in various payment applications.

Why Your Business Should Activate QRIS

  1. With just 1 QR code from QRIS, businesses will not need to provide different QR codes for each payment application.
  2. Provide customers with various alternative payment methods which increases the chance of covering their preference.
  3. Standardized fees from Bank Indonesia that is relatively more affordable fees compared to other payment methods.

Why Use Durianpay For Activating QRIS

  1. Gain access to activate all the available QRIS providers only through one integration
  2. Support in tackling all the hassle and challenges of multiple partner integrations

QRIS Payment Flow

Overall, below is the QRIS payment flow:

  1. Customer makes an order at a merchant
  2. Merchant shares QR Code (static)/generates the QR Code (dynamic)
  3. Customer chooses payment method and scans the QR Code
  4. Once the payment is completed, merchant will get a notification



Durianpay already accomodate Static QRIS, please contact us ( if you would to activate it