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Receive your fund related to the customer payments

Settlements is a fund transfer from Durianpay/ Partner to merchants related to the customer payment. In general, settlement will be due according to the payment method service level agreement, ranging from D+0 to D+5. This is due to settlement from Partner/Payment provider will also take D+x. Durianpay does not hold any settlement fund and will directly settle the fund to you once Provider settle via us.

Here’s the flow diagram of Settlements process

There are 2 cases of settlement based on who gives the fund to you/merchant:

  1. Direct Settlement from partner (also called Switcher Model)
  2. Settlement from Durianpay (also called Aggregator)

These settlement cases is determined on the payment method scheme, most of your settlement will be coming from Durianpay, however if you connect directly with provider we can help you to facilitate the payment process itself, but the fund will still be coming from provider.