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Accept payment through Buy Now Pay Later for your customer convenience

Many customers adopt Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for its convenience in acquiring goods and paying for them later. Only around 2% Indonesian citizens have access to credit card. People who do not have a credit card but want to purchase goods on credit will look for alternative financing, especially with the support of the pay later provided within e-commerce.

Why Your Business Should Activate Pay Later

  1. Faster and more convenient application process compared to credit card
  2. Leverage promotions conducted by Pay Later service providers for your customers
  3. Varying choices of tenors

Why Use Durianpay For Activating Pay Later

  1. Hassle-free integration to enjoy pay later from various service providers
  2. Monitor transactions through one dashboard only

Pay Later Payment Flow

In overall, here is the payment flow using BNPL:

  1. Customer chooses one of BNPL’s payment methods and will be redirected to service provider’s page to complete transaction for login
  2. Choose the preferred installment period
  3. Customer clicks ‘pay’ and enter OTP sent to their phone number
  4. Pay Later application is completed


  1. The eligibility to use BNPL depends on the type of goods/services that merchant sells

    Merchants that sell these products are prohibited to use BNPL: Mutual funds, Gold, Top-up E-money, Top-up OVO, Voucher, Game Voucher, Donation,Credit Card Payment, Tax
  2. Minimum and Maximum amounts

    MINIMUM (IDR)Maximum (IDR)
  3. Merchant has to pass customer’s address and purchased items for their order to Durianpay specifically for BNPL