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Internet Banking

Accept payments through internet banking

Technology enables payment digitalization, in which one of the emerging services is internet banking.

Currently, the only internet banking payment method that Durianpay provides is JeniusPay.

Why Your Business Should Activate Internet Banking

Provide convenience to customers to complete payment without having to visit ATM, just having an internet connection

Why Use Durianpay For Activating Internet Banking

  1. Hassle-free integration to provide your customers with internet banking option
  2. Monitor through a single dashboard that can also be used to monitor transactions from other payment methods

Internet Banking Payment Flow

In overall, here is the payment flow using JeniusPay:

  1. In Durianpay checkout page, customer chooses JeniusPay as payment method
  2. Enter cashtag and click ‘Pay’ button
  3. Customer will be redirected to instruction page on how to complete the payment
  4. Customer opens Jenius app and validate payment request (Send Money)
  5. Transaction is completed