Integration Walkthrough

Accept payments in your website, app OR get started with NO CODE integration

Durianpay helps businesses to accept online payments with its fully integrated payments stack covering multiple payment methods using multiple integration choices, which are:

Not Ready to Integrate Yet? If you are unsure about integrating with Durianpay payments platform as of now, you can use Payment links. Using this you can just create payment links which you can share with your customers over chat or social media. Durianpay offers several solutions using which you can accept payments without integrating or using any code.

How to start integrating - just in 3 steps

  • Signup for Durianpay account
  • Login to Durianpay dashboard, go to settings and generate sandbox mode API Keys in sandbox mode and start integrating with Durianpay using those API key and simulate transaction in sandbox mode.
  • View simulated transaction – order, payment, settlement and refund in Durianpay dashboard

    Switch to production whenever ready and start accepting payments using Durianpay

Integration Options

💡 Fastest way to get started - you can use the pre-built Durian checkout for quickly integrating Durianpay with your website and start accepting payments.

There are multiple integration options to get you started with Durianpay payments platform.

Comparison of Integration Options

These sample use cases does not limit how you could fit the integration-type with your own unique requirement. You can get creative and go beyond those sample use case, and invent your own use case for that type of integration.

Integration TypeUse Cases and Features
Durian Checkout
  • Durian checkout page with all-in-one payment method
  • Customizable flow and UI (logo, theme, button & font color)
  • Easy to integrate, drop 2 lines of code and start accepting payment in your website
  • Suitable for any web-based/webview apps, with options to embed directly to your web/app or redirect to our Durian checkout.
Durian APIs
  • Durian API is organized around REST and JSON providing simplicity, easy to use and consistency for integration purposes.
  • Custom Integration with flexibility to design your own flow and payment interface
  • Compatible with web and non-web apps with advance feature like split payment, promos etc
Payment Link
  • Send Payment Link to your customer quicky without any integration needed.
  • Create Payment Link through Durianpay dashboard and start accepting payment without doing any programming/coding/integration.
  • Automatically send Payment Link through email and Whatsapp to customers. You’ll be able to share on social media or messenger too.
Mobile SDKs
  • Durianpay also provide Mobile SDKs to remove all the integration hassles by easy drop-in integrations
  • Mobile friendly checkout experience in just a few lines of code
  • Supports native(android/iOS) and hybrid (flutter, react native etc) both to make it easy to build a great payment experience in your mobile apps
Ecommerce Plugins
  • Use Durianpay’s Ecommerce plugins (Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce, shopify and many more) for seamless integration to your online store
  • Simple and easy to use, install – customize – use. No programming needed.

Any other options to integrate?

Don’t have integration you are looking for, contact us at We will be happy to help.