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Payment Link

Payment link is a low to no code solution for its merchant to accept payment.

Payment link enables merchant to accept payment from their customer with a checkout page that can be accessed from a link. Payment link can be created from merchant dashboard or via API.

Use cases:

1. Low code to no code solution

Building a platform or even a payment acceptance system is resource intensive. Especially for a merchant that has limited amount of resources (e.g SMEs, Instagram seller, etc) Payment link can be a great solution for merchant like this. Since with payment link, merchant can create a fully functioning payment acceptance platform without spending any resources to even write a single line of code.

2. Invoicing

Many cases that happen in e-commerce is customers already choosing an item and creating an order but they leave the merchant’s platform and didn’t finish the transaction or haven’t paid for their order. Customer may required to open the merchant’s platform once again to finish their order or even they have to create a new order to finish it, this will become a hassle for customer to  do so. For this cases, merchant can implement payment link as a tool to invoice the customer to finish their transaction without requiring them to reopen the merchant’s platform.

3. System for merchant’s agent to initiate payment for their customer

Many merchant implement an agent as their representative to get in touch with their customer. This agent will be the one that provide further information about merchant’s product into their customer. Instead of requiring their customer to create an order in their platform, merchant can simply give access to durianpay’s dashboard where they can create payment link for their customer to pay.

Limitation :

  • Compared to Durianpay’s checkout page where the flow can be changed (removing some checkout pages) for a specific merchant, Payment link has a fixed flow for all merchants that’s using payment link