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How Sub-Account Feature Can Help Your Business

Durianpay enables you to create sub-accounts once you are approved to use this feature. Please contact our sales team to enable this.

Sub-account feature allows merchants to:

  1. Register your business unit/partner(s) as a sub-account and create orders on their behalf on Durianpay’s system
  2. Facilitate immediate activation of your subaccount's payment and disbursement capabilities
  3. Simplify payment infrastructure by managing the route of funds to partners (e.g. reseller, business branches, etc) in your business ecosystem
  4. Receive automatically segregated fund settlements for a more convenient audit
  5.  Conveniently review transactions by monitoring from an integrated dashboard

Once you are registered as a master account, you can still continue to operate as a normal merchant, i.e. create orders, accept payments, create disbursements, etc.

Use Case

Durianpay’s sub-account feature is applicable for various use cases:

Use CaseDescription
Merchant aggregatorAcquire profits from the marked-up transaction fee
SaaS providerCollect platform fee and distribute payment to your customers
Businesses with multiple branch (franchise, retailers)Manage flow of funds and accept payments on behalf of your branch
Online marketplace, crowdsourcing platformAcquire commission fee from the orders you facilitate for resellers, freelancers, etc

If you are unsure about your use cases, feel free to request assistance from our team at sales@durianpay.id
Reduce your payment complexity now!


Master AccountYour business
Entity that will manage the flow and proportion of funds to be allocated to business units or partners
Sub-AccountYour business units/partners (e.g. reseller, business branches, etc)
Entity that will be managed by the master account