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Invoices Object

Durianpay enables you to create invoices for your customers to pay to. We’ll provide the UI, and the payment flow. A customer can have multiple invoices, and they can pay partially/single invoice/multiple invoices in a single payment

Once a customer pays to his virtual account, you will be notified of the payment using a webhook. In the webhook we will tell you how much amount paid to each invoice for easier reconciliation.

Invoice Life Cycle

outstandingWhen you create an invoice, it is in outstanding state. It stays in this state till any transaction is completed against it and the remaining amount is 0
paidAfter the successful capture of the transaction when remaining amount is 0, the invoice moves to the paid state. No further transaction requests are permitted once the invoice moves to the paid state. The invoice stays in this state even if the transaction associated with the invoice is refunded

Invoice Entity

idstring The unique identifier of Invoice.
invoice_ref_idstring The unique identifier of Invoice from the merchant.
titlestring The title of the invoice.
invoice_urlstring This is the url of invoice and will be used for the customer to download the invoice.
amountstring The amount for which the Invoice was created.
remaining_amountstring The remaining amount for which the payment is due for the Invoice.
currencystring The currency associated with the Invoice's amount.
statusstring The status of Invoice.
is_liveboolean Flag denoting if the Invoice has been created in sandbox or live mode. Note sandbox mode is not supported as of now.
is_parital_transaction_enabledboolean Flag denoting if partial transactions are allowed for the Invoice or not.
partial_transaction_configjson object Key-Value pair that can be used to store configuration about partial transactions like minimum acceptable amount for a partial transaction
start_datetimestamp Indicates the date when the Invoice becomes active.
due_datetimestamp Indicates the date for when the payment is due for this Invoice.
is_blockedboolean Flag denoting if transactions for Invoice are blocked or not.
created_attimestamp Indicates the timestamp when this Invoice was created.
customerobject Information about the customer for whom the Invoice was created.

Invoice Response Codes

0002Bad Request (Invalid request)
0003Access Denied (Forbidden)
0004Not Found (Entity does not exist)
0005Internal Server Error
0006Unprocessable Entity (Unable to perform action)