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Promos Object

Promo Life Cycle

inactiveWhen you create promo, it is in inactive state. The promo cannot be used in inactive state
activeWhen the promo is activated the status will be changed to active. At this status, promo is applicable in customer's transaction
expiredAfter the expiry date mentioned or after reaching the maximum quota/budget, the promo moves to the expired state

Promo Entity

idstring The unique identifier of Promo
currencystring The amount for which the Promo was created
labelstring The label you want to attach with the promotion, has to be unique
min_order_amountstring denoting minimum order amount on which promo should apply
max_discount_amountstring denoting maximum discount amount which promo should generate
starts_atstring Indicates the Unix timestamp when this promo was created**
ends_atstring Indicates the Unix timestamp when this promo will expire
discountstring Depending on discount_type, value is either %discount or flat discount
discount_typestring valid values are "percentage", "flat"
typestring valid values are "card_promos", "ewallet_promos", "va_promos"
sub_typestring valid values are "direct_discount", "cashback"
limit_typestring valid values are "quota", "budget"
limit_valuestring valid values are "total_price", "product_price", "shipping_price"
price_deduction_typestring valid values are "total_price", "product_price", "shipping_price
created_atinteger Indicates the Unix timestamp when this promo was created
updated_atinteger Indicates the Unix timestamp when this promo was updated
is_liveboolean Flag denoting if the promo has been created in sandbox or live mode