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Sandbox Mode

When you register with Durianpay, you will receive access to sandbox / testing environment which can be used for simulation and testing, all transactions made within sandbox mode are simulated hence it is completely safe

Simulating success/failure in sandbox mode

Using API

To simulate the payment charge API flow in sandbox mode, merchants can use dp_test_XXXXXXXXX key.

By default, the payment is kept on processing state for VA, ewallet and simulates the successful scenario for rest of the payment methods.

To simulate the failure/success scenario, you should use the Json field from sandbox_options request. This contains force_fail and delay_ms fields.

force_failbool Make this field as true in the request if you want to simulate failure scenario and false if you want to simulate success scenario.
delay_msinteger If you want to simulate a delay in making the payment as success or failed, give a value in milliseconds in this field in the request.

Note: Currently sandbox_options is supported for VA, E-Wallet, RetailStore and BNPL.

Using Sandbox simulator

Use the simulator built-in to the dashboard to test & explore VA & E-Wallet payment methods. Currently the dashboard simulation is available only for VA & E-Wallet payments.

You can access the simulator by:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Click on “Sandbox Simulator” option on the left menu
  3. Test success and failure scenario as per your requirement

How to use the simulator:

  1. Create a transaction in sandbox mode
  2. Open “Sandbox Simulator”
  3. Select which status you want to simulate for the payment - Success or failed
Payment simulator