Approve Disbursement API

Approve disbursement

The following endpoint approves a disbursement:


Path parameters

Fieldis required?Description
idmandatorystring Unique identifier of the disbursement to be approved.

Query parameters

Fielddefaultis required?Description
ignore_invalidfalseoptionalboolean If set to true, ignores the invalid batch items and disburse only the valid items.


curl -u [Base64({Your_Server_Key}:)] \
-H "content-type: application/json" \

Response Code : 200

Here is an example of success response

    "data": {
        "id": "dis_XXXX",
        "name": "sample disbursement",
        "type": "batch",
        "status": "approved",
        "total_amount": "10000.00",
        "total_disbursements": 1,
        "description": "this is a sample disbursement"

Error Response Code : 400

Here is an example error response for invalid request

    "error": "error reading request body",
    "error_code": "DPAY_INTERNAL_ERROR",

Error Response Code : 401

Here is an example error response for unauthorized access

    "error": "invalid Authorization header in request",
    "error_code": "DPAY_UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS"

Error Response Code : 500

Here is an example error response for internal server error

    "error": "error getting disbursement",
    "error_code": "DPAY_INTERNAL_ERROR"