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Disbursement Object

Disbursement Life Cycle

need_approvalWhen a disbursement is submitted and is awaiting approval
approvedThe disbursement is approved
processingWhen the disbursement is approved and it's in the process of getting disbursed
successDisbursement successfully completed
failedDisbursement failed

Disbursement Entity

idstring The unique identifier of Disbursement
namestring The name given to the Disbursement
typestring Describes the type of Disbursement (Normal/Batch)
statusstring denoting minimum order amount on which promo should apply
total_amountstring The total amount to be disbursed
total_disbursementsinteger The total number of disbursements to be created
descriptionstring The description of the issued disbursement
feesinteger Depending on discount_type, value is either %discount or flat discount
created_atinteger Indicates the Unix timestamp when this Disbursement was created