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Settlements Object

Settlement Life Cycle

settledWhen a settlement is successfully completed
need_to_settleWhen a settlement has been created and is awaiting response

Settlement Entity

settlement_idstring The unique identifier of Settlement
payment_idstring The unique identifier of Payment
order_idstring string The unique identifier of order
order_referencestring The order reference number
statusstring The status of Settlement
currencystring The currency associated with the Settlement amount
settlement_amountstring The amount for which the Settlement was created
total_settlement_feestring The fee charged for the Settlement
settled_atinteger Indicates the Unix timestamp when this Settlement was settled
groupstring Information of group, which is brought at the level of payment creation
payment_amountstring The amount for which the payment was created
payment_datestring The date at which payment was completed
payment_details_typestring The payment method used for the transaction
payment_method_idstring The unique identifier of payment method