Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 31st January 2021

Terms and Conditions is an agreement between merchant and Durianpay and applies across all Durianpay services. Merchant must read, agree and accept all the privacy policy and terms and conditions which is stated below as a reference before merchant uses Durianpay services. Durianpay may change terms and conditions at anytime by posting revised version at our company website, Revision version will be effective immediate after we posting it therefore, Merchant should visit Durianpay website periodically. Merchants are fully responsible to accept and comply on every laws, rules and regulations which are specific for merchant, with respect to using Durianpay services.

1. Definitions and Terminology

  1. “Acquirer” is bank(s) and/or non-bank entity that being choose by merchant to do payment processing for each card based transaction that been done by merchant’s customer
  2. “Merchant Discount Rate(MDR)” is fee that need to be paid by merchant to Durianpay and/or Durianpay’s partners in regarrds of service, including, but not limited to payment channel that being used and agreed by merchants
  3. “Durianpay Partners” is bank(s) and/or Service provider that being choose by Durianpay to do payment processing for each payment transaction by merchant’s customer
  4. “Payment Channel” is. method of payment provided by Durianpay for seamless customer experience during transaction as agreed with merchants
  5. “Transaction” adalah buying and payment activity that being done by customer through merchant’s apps and/or website
  6. “Settlement” is proses of disbursing payment fund for every merchant transaction especially for aggregator services, that done by Durianpay to merchants within agreed periodically basis
  7. “account” is an account which will be received by merchant after registered and verified as merchant in Durianpay
  8. “API Key” is secret key that will be use for merchant to be able to communicate through API
  9. “API” adalah Application progrramming interface
  10. “Dashboard” is Platform that contain reports and data analytics provided by Durianpay to merchant
  11. “Fraud” is misconduct(fraud) action that done by third party to merchant’s customer through merchant’s website and/or apps.
  12. “conversion rate” is success rate of conversing from previous action(in percent)

2. Obligations and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of Durianpay:

  1. ensure that the Durianpay system works and communicates properly with the merchant network;
  2. address all issues that arise involving fraudulent behavior or errors in the process;
  3. allow merchants to make transactions through the Durianpay platform;
  4. not use or allow the use of the Service for things that are not true, unlawful or for fraudulent purposes or cause violation or interference to someone
  5. does not interfere with any part of the Durianpay network;
  6. comply with all reasonable Durianpay instructions and requests of those of the competent authorities, in particular with respect to the manner
  7. providing Services, infringement investigation and / or migration to newer technology to merchants

Obligations and responsibilities of the merchant:

  1. ensure that the information provided to Durianpay is accurate and complete;
  2. make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Merchant system is working and communicating properly with the Durianpay network;
  3. pay all Service Fees in accordance with the agreement
  4. not use or allow the use of the Service for things that are untrue, abusive, indecent, obscene, unlawful, illegitimate, defamatory or for the purpose of fraud or causing injury, violation or interference to someone, including by sending unsolicited commercial messages someone;
  5. does not interfere with any part of the Durianpay network;
  6. not use or allow the use of the Service or introduce anything (including viruses) that cause the operation of the Durianpay network or the quality of its service to be threatened, interrupted or interrupted; or compromise the integrity or security of any telecommunications or IT network or system;
  7. comply with all reasonable instructions requested by those of the competent authority with respect to the Service

3. Force Majeur

a. Failure to implement or delay the implementation of part or all of the obligations under the Terms and Conditions for Durianpay services, is not considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions if it occurs due to circumstances beyond Durianpay's control (force majeure), including but not limited to:

b. Users will release Durianpay from all claims, if Durianpay cannot carry out instructions from the user, either partially or completely due to events or causes that are beyond Durianpay's control or ability, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, riots, device conditions hardware, electronic or transmission infrastructure system failure, power failure, telecommunication interruption, transfer system failure or other matters stipulated by the related authority.

4. Complaints and how to contact us

If the merchant has questions or want to get access, please visit our website here or email us at the address support@durianpay.id

5. Secret information

  1. Each Party hereby agrees to keep the confidential information of the other Party strictly and take appropriate precautions to protect the confidential information and not divulge any information it has obtained to other parties.
  2. Unless it has been provided for in this Agreement or Terms and Condition, within thirty (30) calendar days after the termination of the Agreement, the Receiving Party must destroy all material which is confidential information and / or Intellectual Property of the Disclosing Party.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt and without prejudice to the previous provisions, each Party has the right to disclose the existence of the relationship between Durianpay and the Merchant that appears based on this document and may include the name, trade name, trademark or symbol of the other Party for its publication material, without requiring approval. written in advance from the other Party.

6. Service Termination

  1. Each party that wish to terminate the service must send written notice to other party at the very least thirty days(30day) before services termination date.
  2. Service termination, doesn’t nullify each party obiligation before effective termination date.
  3. Each Party agree to do settlement on remaining fund / payment at the very least one week(1 week) before effective termination date.