Boost your buyers' purchase intentions with built-in promos!

Incentivised purchases done right

Across all Payment modes

Now run promotions across all payment methods. Run many at once

Top of the Line management

Putting you in control of how the promos perform. Manage your budgets, time limits and more from the same place!

Stacked Promos

More advanced features coming soon! (coming soon)

Earn their loyalty

Incentivize your customers regardless of their payment method of choice, and give the best purchase experience in your platform

Run Multiple Promos seamlessly

Boost different segments of your customer base using multiple promos at once! Always be in control, from a seamless control center

Incentivize Wisely, Use the limiters!


Limit your spending by ensuring the promo will stop running after it reaches a particular money spent


Ensure only a certain number of your users can get the promo benefit, by allocating a certain number of promo quota

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