Why Instant Refunds?

Happy Customer

Freedom to choose refund destination and crystal clear refund status for the customer

Build your brand

Fast and Hassle-free refund experience to retain trust and loyalty from customers

Flexibility on Refunds

Easy integration using our dashboard or developer-friendly API

Operational Efficiency

No more manual refunds - simplify refund process without back-and-forth communication efforts.

Why refund are hard for merchants?

Refund affect customer retention

Negative Refund can affect customer experience & retention. Over 30% of the customer said they would never buy again to the merchant with bad refund experience.

Refund takes time

It may take several days for a refund to be returned to the customer, this is because multiple parties including banks/payment providers are involved in the refund request. However, customers want the refund to happen as soon as possible.

Customer feedback

Especially on online business, customer reviews have been an integral part of feedback, a bad refund can lead to bad reviews from the customer and affect the business.

How does Instant Refunds work

Step 1

Customer initiates a refund request

Step 2

Business receives the request and initiates instant refund

Step 3

Customer receives the refund within minutes with their preferred refund destination

Refund Request

Apple Wireless Airpods

Order ID: 526xxxxx

Refund amount

Rp 750.000

Transaction ID


Refund Request Recevied

Apple Wireless Airpods

Refund Rp 750.000


Order ID: 526xxxxx

Refund Success

Refund Success

Amount Refunded

Rp 750.000

Simple way to start

You can trigger instant refund simply by clicking refund button from the dashboard. Our system supports dual-approval mechanism.

Trigger instant refund by calling our API through your own system. Developer-friendly, easy to integrate and scalable for your system.

Range of destination refund for your customer

Refund to 90 major banks and wallets in Indonesia

Delight your customers with Instant Refunds

Handle the entire payment lifecycle with our advanced payment solutions.

Get started right here and now. It's easy!

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