Complete Control

Understand your transactions better and take immediate actions to improve your business performance.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Never miss a beat, access our dashboard at home, at work, using mobile phone, using laptop anytime anywhere.

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Measure What Matters

Not only we track payment behaviour but the whole journey of your customers.

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Insight to Result

Visualize and analyse insights in end-to-end funnels, understand and improve your conversions across all payment methods.

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One Dashboard for All Solutions

No need anymore to go through multiple dashboards and manage excel sheets for payment operations.

Never get lost in a slick and intuitive dashboard which has been designed for all your operations need in mind.
Transaction Summary
Be on top of your business perfomance with realtime and beautiful charts right at your fingertips.
Payment Links
For those cases when you want to collect payments from your customers ad-hoc. Simple workflow to create and manage links.
Create, manage and run promotions across all payment methods. Check their performance and manage them without any code change.
Deep dive into checkout behavior of your customers across various payment methods. Analyse end-to-end checkout journey with help of our checkout experts.

Understand your business better with our Reporting

Durian Flow provide real time reports of your business performance. Monitor by time across device/location and always know which items and payments are in trend.

See all your transactions easily. Track the progress of every order — find transactions, customers and know who has already paid.

Durian Flow is designed to make your numbers easy to understand. No need to hunt through spreadsheets— our graphic and charts make you understand quicky and effortless.

Insights at your fingertip

Analytics provides quick detailed insights about business performance and your customers — how much they spend,
what payment methods are working and why.


Monitor your Customer journey

Understand your customers in a whole new way. Identify new vs returning customers, see your most frequent and most recent visitors, and find out their overall journey and behaviour.


Analyse funnel drop offs

Get to know drop offs at different stages of the funnel, our specialists are always here to advise you on how to get continuous improvement in your conversions.

Get started right here and now. It's easy!

Durianpay is an easy set-up, complete solution to grow your business. View demo or contact us.