Sending money has never been this seamless

Reduce operational hassles in sending money by half. More secure with multiple role and permissions.

Batch And Single Disbursements

  • Save recipients and recall whenever needed
  • Automatically notify recipients
  • Verify bank accounts with zero room for error
  • Pay your vendors in a batch with a single click
  • Just upload the excel file, and it’s all done!
  • Maintain roles and permissions for more control

Roles and Permissions


Dedicated for people who are responsible for maintaining the recipients & submitting the batch disbursements


Dedicated for those who maintain the balance, double-check the submissions, and release the payout

Disbursement at its finest

Major bank coverage

We integrate using Host-to-Host API which covers up to 88 banks that you can transfer in real time

E-Wallet top-ups

Need to transfer to E-Wallets? We can help you to send money easily to 4 major Indonesian E-Wallets

Best value in the market

Save transfer cost up to 40% and keep your vendors, partners happy

Single and batch options

Choose depending on your usecase - but we guarantee, it’s equally easy!

Get started right here and now. It's easy!

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