Usage guide

Accept payments with NO CODE integration

  1. Login to dashboard and choose payment link menu
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  1. Click on "Create" button to create a new Payment Link
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  1. Fill all the required parameters such as amount, customer name, email and mobile number
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  1. Share the link to customers through an email, sms, social media or any messenger
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AmountTotal amount of order / amount customer needs to paid(m)
Expired In(days)Date and time the payment link still valid until/expired at(m)
Customer nameCustomer details(m)
Customer mobile numberCustomer details(m)
Customer emailCustomer details(m)
Customer AddressCustomer details
ItemsItem detail (Name, qty, price) you are selling in particular order
NotesNotes for your customers

After creating an Payment Link, you are redirected to the list page where you can view a list of Payment Links created. You can copy and share any of your links to your customers and check the status of those links from the list.

  1. Click on "Payment links" to visit Payment Links list page.
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  1. View details of a Payment Link
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  1. If required, copy and share the Payment Link
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Handle After Payments

After creating and sharing Payment Link and after customer finishes their payment – merchants will be able to receive notifications and get status update.

  1. Merchant will receive WhatsApp notification for every payment done by customers
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  1. Merchant can see updated status and details of the payment through Durianpay’s dashboard
  2. Merchant follow up order accordinglys, if needed
  3. On the Settlement date – according to SLA, Durianpay will send the fund to merchant’s bank account