Payment Link - simplest way to accept payments

Durianpay Payment Link is the easiest way to get paid for your business, with 3 simple steps:

  1. Create
  2. Share
  3. Get paid instantly

ZERO code/integration is needed.

Share Payment Links to your customers using social media, messenger, WA or email. Your customers will be able to pay anytime with multiple payment options (virtual accounts, E-Wallet, Cards, Retail Store and many more) from Durianpay and you will get notified automatically when your customer does the payment.

Durian Checkout 1


With Payment Links, as a merchant you will be able to:

  1. Generate payment link through durianpay dashboard without any code or integration needed. But also, Durianpay provide API for generating payment link for more sophisticated use case of payment link.
  2. Share payment link using any means preferred by customers. Durianpay will automatically send payment link to customer through email and/or WhatsApp messenger as well.
  3. Give branded experience to customers even with an asynchronous transaction. Durianpay provides flexibility for merchants to configure their logo, theme colour, button colour or even payment methods you want to enable.
  4. Collect payment without any physical contact, get paid remotely and receive real-time notification in email and/or WhatsApp to monitor transactions.

Below are some business segments and use case for Durianpay Payment Link:

  1. SMB/social sellers who wants to have online payment acceptance
  2. Ecommerce marketplace – online/contactless payment for COD Orders.
  3. P2P Lending companies for collections or disbursals of loans and more.