Dashboard Usage

Dashboard at a glance

  1. Dashboard mode: Durianpay dashboard consists of 2 environments:
    • Live: will consists of real transactions i.e. live environment
    • Sandbox: testing environment
  2. Language setting: Choose English or Indonesia/Bahasa as your default language
  3. Profile: Account information, settings and logout
  4. Navigation menu: Navigation for each durianpay service, page and config
Durian Dashboard 1

Steps to check status of a Payment

  1. Log into the Dashboard and navigate to Payments in sidebar.
  2. Check if a payment_id has been generated. If no payment_id has been generated, it means that the transaction has failed (and didn't even initiate from user's end)
Durian Dashboard 1
  1. You can click on payment_id to check details of the payment

Managing Orders and Payments

Every order and payment being made by customers can be viewed through Durianpay dashboard. To view order and payment, merchant can do following steps:

  • Login to your Durianpay dashboard

  • Select order menu from navigation bar

    Durian Dashboard 1** Navigation bar: menu - merchant will be able to select page / services through here ** Search and filter: filtering and search particular order ** Order details: order ID, amount, currency, customer, payment type and order status ** Export: download order list to csv/xls format
  • Filter Orders

    Durian Dashboard 1
  • View Order Details

    Durian Dashboard 1