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Static VA Create API

The following endpoint creates a new virtual account


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Request parameters

Following are the parameters to be sent in the request body:

Fieldis required?DescriptionExample
bank_codemandatorystring The bank code for the Virtual AccountBRI, BCA, MANDIRI, PERMATA, CIMB
namemandatorystring The name of virtual account"John's Virtual Account"
is_closedmandatoryboolean Whether account can accept open(any amount) or fixed(specific amount)true or false(default)
customermandatoryjson object with fields (id, email, mobile, first_name, given_name, customer_ref_id). One of (id, mobile, email) is mandatory field and given_name is mandatory.{ "email": "jane.doe@gmail.com", "given_name": "Jane" }
expiry_minutesoptionalinteger number of minutes left till expiry from now (default 1440), maximum(15768000)10000
account_numberoptionalstring account number which includes bank prefix, if not specified a random one is generated using bank prefix (refer below table for bank wise length)1236270056514331

The following table contains prefixes for each bank in sandbox mode:

Bank CodeBank Prefixes

The following table has the maximum account number lengths for each bank:

Bank CodeMax Length (Bank Prefix + Remaining Digits)

Sample Request

curl -X POST \
https://api.durianpay.id/v1/payments/va/static \
-H 'authorization: [Base64({Your_Server_Key}:)]' \
-H "content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
  "bank_code": "BRI",
  "name": "Hello Virtual Account",
  "is_closed": false,
  "amount": "12345.55",
  "customer": {
      "customer_ref_id": "27aa09d7-dd63-4053-94a4-d3ebb0e1e68b",
      "given_name": "Paul",
      "middle_name": "K",
      "sur_name": "Rudd",
      "email": "paulrudd@gmail.com",
      "mobile": "999999999",
  "expiry_minutes": 1000000,
  "account_number": "123617005036344328"

Sample Response

The status code returned would be 201.

    "data": {
        "customer_id": "cus_vS2R7NX08l7424",
        "virtual_account": {
            "id": "va_njZ2xTwr4s8660",
            "bank_code": "BRI",
            "account_number": "123617005036344328",
            "name": "Hello Virtual Account",
            "is_closed": true,
            "amount": 12346,
            "currency": "IDR",
            "customer_id": "cus_vS2R7NX08l7424",
            "is_sandbox": false,
            "created_at": "2022-03-01T07:23:59.889904Z",
            "expiry_at": "2024-01-24T12:33:59.952814Z",
            "metadata": {}

Sample Error

Form Errors

Form errors are those which occur during form validation & contain an errors array and are thrown with status code 400.

    "error_code": "DPAY_INVALID_REQUEST",
    "request_id": "dp_JSN8xJULZ39583",
    "errors": [
            "field": "bank_code",
            "message": "can't be blank"
            "field": "name",
            "message": "can't be blank"
            "field": "customer",
            "message": "can't be blank needs either ID, Email or Mobile"
            "field": "customer.given_name",
            "message": "given name cannot be empty"
            "field": "expiry_minutes",
            "message": "can't be less than equal to 0"

Authorization Errors

Authorization errors are errors that occur during authorization. The status code returned is usually 401

    "error": "invalid Authorization header in request",
    "error_code": "DPAY_UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS"

Other Errors

Other errors are failures which occur after form validation. The status codes codes are usually 400 & 500

    "error": "pq: VA Already Created",
    "error_code": "DPAY_INTERNAL_ERROR",
    "request_id": "dp_QMPB7IO53p6517"