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Payments Object

Payment Life cycle#

startedA payment is created when the customer fills up and submits the payment information and it is sent to Durianpay. No processing has been done on the payment at this stage
processingAn payment moves to processing state when the request is sent to payment processors downstream and a response is awaited
completedWhen the status of the payment is changed to completed, the in processing payment is verified as complete by Durianpay. After the capture, the amount is settled to your account as per the settlement schedule of the bank
failedAny unsuccessful transaction is marked as failed and the customer will have to retry the payment
refundedYou can refund the payments that have been successfully captured at your end. The amount is sent back to the customer's account

Payment Entity#

idstring The unique identifier of Payment
amountstring The amount for which the Payment was created
currencystring The currency associated with the Payment's amount
statusstring The status of Payment
typestring Type of payment. Possible values card, VA, wallet
created_atinteger Indicates the Unix timestamp when this Payment was created
metadatajson object Key-Value pair that can be used to store additional information about the entity. e.g. note: Force is with this payment